Ciaooo babies!!!!!

We're a newsletter where new yorkers can really get to know their own city.

Too many people live in NYC without really ever getting to know NYC. There are over 300 different neighborhoods within the five boroughs, how many have you really gotten to explore?

Too often have we heard of friends spending their entire weekends Netflixing. Too often have we seen friends unsure of what to do on the weekends, lost in the black hole that is Yelp and Google. Too often have we heard of people obsessed about traveling outside of the country, but refusing to go up past 14th street. It's too much I tell ya! Too much! 

Each week we send a fun newsletter exploring a new neighborhood with a trusty local to show us some of their favorite uniquely local, lesser known but lovingly adored restaurants, bars, sites and activities. 

New Yawk is a helluva town. 



You, you are a beautiful, beautiful specimen of human perfection. The universe’s gift to humankind. You're the friend who always know of the best restaurants in the neighborhood. You're the friend who isn't afraid to walk a few blocks and wander aimlessly through the city. You're the favorite friend who loves to discover new places and can hand draw a map for friends to visit from out of town. But most importantly, you are a local New Yorker. This means that you currently live here. You didn’t have to be born here, but definitely have been here long enough to know why to avoid the empty train car. 



Our locals are the gatekeepers to the cool, off the grid spots that never makes the TOP 10 List in Conde Nast. Each newsletter focuses on a different neighborhood and your top notch suggestions on things to eat, drink, see and DO. They should be unique, fun and definitely have some of that NY swagger.

Our focus is on neighborhoods that people don't know about, or unique takes on NYC neighborhoods. A food expert's guide on the Lower East Side? A historian's take on the West Side? We want to see the neighborhood from a local's perspective. 

  • FOOD: 3 Restaurants ( in range from $, $$, $$$)

  • DRINK: 1 Bar and 1 coffee shop and/or different beverage

  • STUFF TO DO: 3 unique activities (pref an artistic one, a physical one and a random one)

  • Any tips or fun facts you have about the place

  • A quick blurb about you



Our locals are featured in each newsletter, if you’ve got a business or something you’d like to promote - this would be excellent press for you. Also, I’ll write a really pithy and fun bio about you.


You get to share a beautiful part of the city to the rest of the world. That adorable mom and pop shop down the street that SHOULD have more business, that incredible Bengali shop with the beautiful bangles, the incredible history behind that old church. Discovery is all around us.


The sense of being a badass local and featured on all of our social media channels.


And most importantly - showing the world a true and honest portrayal of the beautiful and unique cultures, people and stories that make up NYC. We hope, that with this newsletter we’ll bring people together, and maybe open up a few minds. The world may not be right, but at least in NYC, we can be.



We're not basic. We're real New Yawkers. That means no - Top 10 lists, personal blogs, Instagram pics twirling your red dress in the dead of winter by the Brooklyn bridge, open letters, blog posts, pictures of you looking down at nothing in particular, surface, Yelp listed top 10 places or clickbait articles. 

We're after the undiscovered, not fancy but delicious af. We want the personality and grit, raw and real. We want the diversity, the voices and stories from people all over the city. 




Will I get paid for this?

In love, hugs and meals, yes.  But money wise, no. This is a passion project meant to share the beauty of NYC with one another - and until we get sponsorships or funding we are unable to pay any collaborators.


Can I share this on my site?

Absolutely. Share away. Tell all your friends. Buy a billboard. Climb to the top of a mountain and tag the bathroom wall. All press is good press - so tell EVERYONE.


I’m a local business and I’d like to be featured.

Great! Send us a link to your site HERE and we’d be more than happy to take a look and see if there’s a right fit for you. At the moment, all of our places are curated by locals so we don’t take solicitations. However, if you are a local and would like to be featured - that is a way that we can possibly add you on.


I’d like to suggest a neighborhood or place. How can I become a contributor?

Yes! We <3 YOU! Just fill in this Google form and if it’s the right fit, we’ll hit you up!

If you’re selected, you will be forced to spend a day with Chau where we visit your few favorite places. You’ll be featured in our social media, written about and just ciaooo-ified for the whole day!


I love the idea of this. How can I become a sponsor?

Yes! We are always looking for brands and companies to partner with. You can send us an intro email here- we are able to create specialized branded content for you, and also to include a sponsored link in each newsletter.


What is the ambassador-ship program?

This is the coolest thing ever. This summer, we’re taking 20 of our best ambassadors and taking them out for a night on the town on a SHIP sailing, boozin and eatin across the Hudson. You’ll be hanging with the very coolest of the coolest Ciaooo-sters. Make sure you get a unique link to share with your friends and sign up.