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hi! my name is chau, like ciaooo!

If you have about 4 minutes to spare, then, please, buckle up your proverbial seat belts and brace yourself for what's about to be the most long winded, epic, overtly detailed, hopefully hilarious and charmingly irreverent ABOUT page you will ever find. It will start out kind of serious, but I PROMISE it will get better. Be sure to click on the ENSES to hear clips too! 


Three years ago I was sitting in the front seat of a busted taxicab with gaff tape on the rolling window handle, driving through the dirt roads of Nicaragua with my cab driver, Guillermo. I was flying solo dolo,  and somehow, by the end of our two hour cab ride of broken Spanish we had talked about life, his family and kids, our purpose in life. I had made a new friend. 

>VIDEO of me talking and driving in the car w him.





If you had asked just 3 weeks earlier whether I'd travel alone, I woud have said no. But, with 25 on the horizon and realizing I never accomplished anything I truly wanted to do, I took a solo trip. 

----> picture of me and Guillermo







Five months later - I took off from my job and went traveling around the world. It's your typical travel blogger story that hit EVERY. SINGLE. HUFFINGTON. POST. ARTICLE. between the years of 20012-2016. Wash, rinse, repeat. "How to quit your job and travel". And I was a blogger and traveler for a while. Made a little travel blog that had some fun recognition for a bit. Hopped from country to country, made a lot of new friends and took some crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy adventures.

---> link and pictures or montage of my adventures.



THEN, here's the part no one talks about. The less glamorous part of travel. Running out of money,  and having to come back home! 

After traveling, you'll never really feel the same way. Anyone who travels will tell you it's the equivalent of being a hamster in a cage, and breaking out and getting to explore the massive, beautiful world for the first time. Coming back, your old friends are not your friends, and you can't laugh the same. Your priorities change. Life is more than weekends and partying. It's about the world. They don't get it. 

And they didn't. I told friends all about my adventures abroad, backpacking solo through Europe, cliff jumping in Puerto Rico and traveling solo through Columbia. "Eww. Why would you go there? They're all drug dealers there".

I was in shock. These were super intelligent talented people I respected who ran the media. How could someone from NYC, of all places think such a way??

That moment stayed with me for a long time. And for a very long time after that I realized more and more how ignorant the travel blogging, media and news was. Nothing it seemed, truly told us about a place or it's people, but thrived in stereotypes. 

What sites WANTED, though were Top 10 reasons to quit your job and hike through Mexico. They wanted 10 reasons why Cancun was n longer the hot spot and why. They wanted all of the pretty pictures, but none of the stories or people that made it up. The news and movies and Instagram were pretty, blonde girls with skinny bodies and perfect lives. I thought about my sales days when I would make presentations and meetings to rooms of 20-40, and I'd be the only POC in the room. 


I wanted to change that. And create something that would break that entirely. 

I decided I wanted to build a travel magazine that told real stories about people around the world. I spent 5 months on it, full time every day and named it We Were Wanderers.  I jumped into the start up world,  and got some phenomenal writers and contributors from all around the world tell their stories. And you know what? After working on it - I got feedback that it wasn't working. So, in September, I had to start from scratch and go ALL OVER AGAIN. 




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I gave up drinking for 100 days to focus. Started writing everyday. I'm up to day 284 of working on this everyday. I talked to my readers and they told me that I had a little exchange of how to get there...






I guess you could say I've always been obsessed with travel, even before I knew I could really travel. Growing up in NYC, I was always traveling within my own city. Hanging out in Union Square on weekends and it being the meeting spot. Shopping in Soho. Dancing at Webster Hall before 21. Going to Roll n Roasters in Sheepshead Bay after school in HS. Swimming in Manhattan Beach. There were just so many places and neighborhoods that the older I got, the less people knew about. 



















If you've made it this far - I love you. I really do. 








Chau Mui

Founder, Brooklyn, born and raised. 

Head of Business Development at XY Content

I'm an avid traveler (former travel blogger) with a background in advertising and tv/commercial production where I represent directors and produce content. This site blends the two of my favorite passions together.

I've road tripped across 38 states in America, backpacked through South America and hopped across Europe, China and Dubai. You can follow me on IG @chaufornow and my former blog at chaufornow

I've been featured on Alleywatch as a NYC Woman in Tech, and earlier this year a film I produced to help repeal HB2 was shortlisted at Cannes. 


Daniel Denisco


Creative Director, Brooklyn 

Graphic Designer at Mission Atheletecare 

I'm a graphic designer with a background in sports having cut my teeth working for the MLB and Mission. My true passion is for the creative arts,  I love to be on the discovery for new trends, styles and creators in the design world. 



None of this would be possible without the wonderful mentorship of Bob at SCORE NYC. Score is a free service created by the Small Business Administration that offers entrepreneurs free mentorship from established veterans of each industry. I could not be more thankful to the help of this foundation.