My Friend Duke is located at 383 3rd Ave btwn 27th and 28th)

My Friend Duke is located at 383 3rd Ave btwn 27th and 28th)

Meet Zach, your new best friend and the founder of your new favorite bar, @myfriendduke (located in #kipsbay at 383 3rd Ave btwn 27th and 28th)

The bar is, for lack of better words, f***ing DOPE. Once you walk in, you’ll see. It’s airy, it’s gorgeous, it’s designed so beautifully that it’s sure to wow a first date, or friends visiting from out of town, but is totally casual enough to meet with your friends FROM town on a Monday night.

It’s also one of those spots that is sure to please everyone. Want a great cocktail? Check. Want a draft beer? Yep. Just want a great glass of wine? Yessireee. Want some yum bites, but like, not fried food cause our bodies don’t bounce back like we used to 😭? Four words - Pork Belly Lettuce Wraps. 🥰

And when it comes to Zach? We just gotta love someone who takes real passion to their craft. The man spent the entire last year traveling across the country from Hawaii to New Orleans visiting various bars for inspiration, and best believe, it shows! Did we mention he used to run @luckyjacksand worked at @attaboy134? The cocktails are straight 🔥🔥🔥


“We wanted to take all the pretense out of cocktail bars.  We’re here for people to cut loose and escape a little bit. We still want people to enjoy themselves, and we don’t want it to be stuffy at all. It’s a neighborhood bar where you can still get a great cocktail”.

As for the name? There IS a real life Duke. -
“It’s been an inside joke for a while. When someone does something good, they pick up a tab, or they win a big award or something, we say, “Thats my friend Tim or Rick or whatever. One day, my friend Duke picked up the tab and I said, “That’s My Friend Duke, and it kind of just stuck”.
Come one, come all and be sure to check out My Friend Duke! Maybe if you visit enough, he’ll name his next bar after you! Now, who thinks “My Friend Ciaooo!” has a good ring to it?
Open from 4 PM to 4AM every night.