An interview with Kelly Lewis, founder and creator of Go Girl Guides, Women's Travel Fest and Damesly.

with audio by Ense

Kelly Lewis at the Crocodile Lounge

Kelly Lewis at the Crocodile Lounge

Kelly Lewis is the seriously tatted, serial entrepreneur who's making it easier for women to travel.

It's hard to remember a time when women, clad in billowing, yellow and red dresses against a scenic backdrop like an empty Taj Mahal at sunrise didn't make up the bulk of our Instagram feeds. Back before solo female travel was a thing, there were the few burgeoning travel blogs catered to women and traditional travel guides. 

But nothing combined both.

In 2010, Kelly started Go Girl Guides, a published guidebook that detailed travel specifically for women. It included everything from dealing with catcalls to women's health and safety. Since then, she's expanded her travel empire into an all female travel conference in it's fifth year called the Women's Travel Festival, and a boutique tour operator for female professionals called, Damesly.  

We talked to Kelly about all the highs, and lows of becoming an entrepreneur and what it means to truly empower women in travel. 

"The truth is, you really have to take big risks and hope it all works out"