Photo by  Ben Hon.

Photo by Ben Hon.


ciaooo! is a newsletter, website and instagram network for local New Yorkers.

We’re an irreverent, wild, weird and fun neighborhood site about NYC that lives between the interwebs and your phone. We think NYC has gotten a bit too “Top 10” ish, so we’re creating a space for all the other cool stuff you should see in the city, especially, the off the grid, off the yelp-o-meter stuff you can only know about if you live here.

There’s more to navigating NYC than the best place to find a Lavender Chai latte. We want to be the resource of practical, applicable, real world advice that can be translated into NYC living; from broke startup founders trying to build their companies in the city, newbies making friends in the city for the first time, to places to go with your best friends when you’re tired of the bar scene.

We were created by a group of New Yorkers who wanted to make a website about NYC that wasn’t filled with clickbait, tourist suggestions or shitty reporting. One that reflected the diverse people and experiences that make us up. It’s our belief that if we can get people to think beyond the mainstream, they’ll also be more open minded and pay it forward.

That’ll be our goal today and forever.