Here's the story about how ciaooo came to be. 

This about page is nothing like what you're used to seeing. That's cause this site is nothing like what you're used to seeing. We believe in getting into the ethos of everything.

Hey guys, I'm Chau, and I'm the founder of Ciaooo! I'm a first generation Chinese American stoop kid who grew up in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. I grew up playing in the streets, swimming on 4 foot pools 


Picture of me young, as a traveler. 

At 19, I dropped out of college and traveled cross country from Albany to LA in a whirl of young love, naivete and spontaneous adventure. We ventured across 38 states, slept out of the car and returned back to school 3 months later, broke and begging our parents for money. We befriended beat poets, and older couples, and woke to elephant seals and craiglisted apartments. I once washed my hair in a gas station bathroom and had the security called on me. You could say - this was my first foray into adventure.


At 24, I was working at a high paced sales job that I was too junior for. Depression. Damn. Job dissatisfaction is real. I was so unhappy and at a quarter life crisis that I didn't have a passion, or love for anything that I took a solo trip to Nicaragua by myself. I still remember, landing my first day, at 25 in Nicaragua, and sitting outside of my hostel at night, listening to the waves and the moon crash above me. It was one of the happiest birthdays I'd ever had, and I was entirely alone. 

25. Backpacking around the world

Well, travel had been addicting. And when you think of it...there was something that made this happen. Working in sales makes you really hate people. You detest them for using one another. For using you. For not appreciating you. For not being smarter. For not being more loving. But travel is healing. Travelers help you because they travel. Because they love you. Because they believe in making the world a better place. Traveling did that for me. It was so...energizing. Loving. Rejuvenating. It made me realize that what I wanted from the world was not more than this. 

26. Back in NY.

If you've ever made a big trip, you'll realize how bizarre it is when you come back. No one gets you. How can you have seen the world and expect everyone back home to simply get it? I never stopped loving the new world..and I thought about it everyday. People told me to start a blog ---and I did. I started writing and sharing my information. I wanted to help people to see the world.

27. I decided to go full time with this. I enjoyed this.

28. Full time job. And working on this full time.